Hi! My name is Will Huang and I'm a 3D Character Animator / Web Designer. Secretly, I'm also a Web Developer who plans to dominate the internet in the distant future with my knowledge in CSS, HTML, and Flash AS 3.0.

A little bit about myself: I eat, sleep, and breathe Art. How? Let me recount my life for you :) Throughout my K-12 education, majority of my life then was involved in private art lessons, art related curriculum, and art competitions. After high school, I went on and attended University of Washington where I really devoted my time in illustrations and web design / development. I was both the illustrator and web specialist in Burke Museum of Natural History and Taiwanese Oversea Students Association. That was also the time when I got interested in learning animation. So after graduation, I went on to study for my MFA in 3D Animation / Visual Effects at Academy of Art University (San Francisco).

Oh, did I also mention I was drawing non-stop BEFORE I attended kindergarten? Yeah, most artists will tell you that too, but it's true :P

Presently, I am a full-time freelance artist. I work for Alar Productions (http://www.alarproductions.com) as their main web designer / developer. At the same time, I'm also helping out What Comics Entertainment (http://www.whatcomix.com/ ) on their 3D animated film “Cerebus 3D” as a Character Animator.

However, I'm also very interested in settling down with a full-time job so please email huangrkul@gmail.com if there is an opportunity that you think is right for me. I would really appreciate it :)